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The popularity of Cannabidiol and its related products are on the rise in the United States of America. From being an unlawful drug item to an essential medical substance, the revolution in the world of CBD and its derivatives has been monumental. We now have many drugs consisting of Cannabidiol in controlled amounts. There are edibles, and even beauty products that have controlled amounts of Cannabidiol in them.  In this rave of the CBD revolution, a question arises. To what extent is CBD legal?

That question is what we answer here at Status-CBD. We provide you with updates and articles regarding the legality and legal status of CBD and its derivatives in every state of the United States. Our seasoned experts also provide information on the difference between the chemical components of the cannabidiol parent plant, cannabis. We provide detailed and factual information helping you make informed decisions about the use of CBD and its related products and the legal implication. Feel free to go through our website as we look forward to hearing from you.